Gatehouse - Ruined Watchtower And Walls

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This stretch goal made it to life thanks to generous backers of Gracewindale: The Gatehouse — 3D Printable Scenery


  • Broken walls x3
  • Ruined watch tower
  • Wall cap
  • Open lock clips

Check out compatible Modular Town Walls set here: 3D Printable Modular Town Walls Set by Gracewindale Mini Scenery

  • FDM printers: Supports aren’t necessary. For the best quality use custom supports under hanging pieces of the ruined watchtower
  • Infill: 10-15%
  • Layer height: 0.1-0.2 mm

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Gatehouse - Ruined Watchtower And Walls


Gatehouse - Ruined Watchtower And Walls

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